Mopar Trivia 2


1. Yeah, we all know that TV detective Nash Bridges drove a ‘Cuda convertible. What earlier TV detective drove one?

Answer: Mannix. During the 1972-73 season Mannix's car (a 1973 Plymouth Cuda convertible) were actually three 1971 models updated (by changing the grill/headlights, hood, and taillights panel) to look like a 1973 Cuda, as Plymouth no longer made the Cuda as a convertible, and driving a convertible had been a Mannix trademark since the show began.


2. In the TV show, The Brady Bunch, the Bradys all drove Chrysler Corporation vehicles (until the final season). Mike Brady drove a 1968 Dodge Polara convertible in the pilot; a 1969 Plymouth Fury III in years one and two; a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible in year three; a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda convertible in year four (actually, a modified 1971 model), and a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice convertible in year five. Carol, on the other hand, drove only two vehicles: a 1970 Plymouth Satellite wagon, and a 1971 Plymouth Satellite wagon (which took the "bunch" on their infamous Grand Canyon trip). The vehicles were loaned to Paramount by the Chrysler Corporation for filming.

3. NASCAR had to change the rules twice to curb the dominance of the Superbird.

  1. During Plymouth's last model year, 2001, only the Neon remained in the Plymouth line. The Prowler became a Chrysler. The Breeze was dropped as Chrysler issues a redesigned Chrysler Sebring sedan to replace the Chrysler Cirrus. The PT Cruiser was launched as a Chrysler, though it was originally planned to be a Plymouth. The final Plymouth, a Neon, was assembled on June 28, 2001.


5. There is some dispute concerning the car in the movie Christine. Most say the car was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. However, others suggest that it was a 1958 Belvedere with a 350 cu. in. Golden Commando engine option. Because Furys only came in Buckskin beige with anodized gold trim including the grille. The grille "V" was silver on Furys. Christine on the other hand had anodized silver trim with a gold grille "V". This was the trim for a Belvedere.


6. The Dukes of Hazzard (can’t have trivia with mentioning The Dukes of Hazzard): Stats that maybe you haven’t heard:


7. Where is the headquarters of the Chrysler arm of DaimlerChrysler located?

Answer: Auburn Hills, Michigan. Chrysler Corporation's headquarters were located in Highland Park until the early 1980s, when they were moved to Auburn Hills. American Motors, which Chrysler purchased in 1987, was headquartered in Kenosha. The Mercedes division of DaimlerChrysler is headquartered in Stuttgart.

NOTE: Eighty percent of the Chrysler Group was sold to Cerberus, a private equity firm, in August, 2007.

8. Why did Walter P. Chrysler like the name Plymouth for his new 1928 product? Show Answer Answer: The name recognition of Plymouth Binding Twine, used by farmers on hay bales, was the key to Chrysler's choice.

9. The first motor vehicles used in actual combat by the U.S. Army were the 1916 Dodge touring cars in which forces under the command of Brig. Gen. John "Black Jack" Pershing pursued and engaged Pancho Villa following Villa's raid on Columbus, N.M., March 6, 1916. A young Army lieutenant, George S. Patton, saw his first motorized combat as a member of this "punitive expedition." Villa was a Dodge guy, too, and Pershing’s expedition failed to capture him. Villa's end came seven years later in 1923 in the town of Parral, where he let down his guard for a moment. He drove his Dodge out of town on a predictable route – one where a band of armed assassins waited until he rounded a corner, then fired hundreds of shots into the car, killing Villa and his bodyguard.

10. Jan and Dean sang about the "Little Old Lady From Pasadena." What car did she drive?Show Answer Answer: "Shiny red Superstock Dodge," probably a 1964 426 Max Wedge Polara.

11. An advertising copywriter in 1914 made history when they found the perfect word to describe Dodge cars. Dependability was never in a dictionary before it was in a Dodge advertisement. Now the word, just like the car, is known the world over.

12. So, what does the "P" in Walter P. Chrysler stand for? Answer: "Percy."