You know you have too much horsepower when....

When OPEC sends you a thank you card.
Your child's first word is nitromethane.
Al Gore leads Green Peace to boycott the gas station you fill up at.
When you see the space shuttle take off, you wonder if it a Chevy or a Mopar booster.
When you have a closet filled with fire suits, and two are marked "formal wear".
The child seat in the car has a SFI sticker on it.
The family photo album has your car's first spark plugs you changed on the motor and you had them bronzed.
When you see John Force race, you wonder what his mileage is.
When you saw "Vanishing Point", you were sure you could do the whole trip in one day if you changed the rear seat to a drum size gas tank.
Emergency numbers in your phone are to "Jegs" and "Summit".
When asked to drive your car during the holiday parade, you ask how many gas stations are along the route.
You refused to go on Power Tour because of the imposed speed limit.
You go to the Air Force air base because there is a quarter mile of road right next to where the jets take off.
The Pep Boy's counter manager is confused then you ask for racing slicks in a variety pack.
You can never sneak into work late as your boss hears your car when it enters the employee parking lot.
OPEC sends you another thank you card.
When you get sick and end up in bed for a week, two gas stations go out of business.
You try to write off the new carbon fiber hood on your taxes as a "dependant".
Bill Goldberg is at your door and wants to wrestle you for your cars pink slip.
As a teenager, you were dissapointed when you played speed metal in your car thinking it would make it go faster.
You start a petition to make the NHRA a driving ed requirment.
Your wife dresses as Linda Vaughn to get your attention.
The family vacation is delayed because the part you need is out of stock.
You see SEMA as religious gathering.
O.S.H.A. tried to get you on the FBI's most wanted list.

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